A Dixie Reapers Valentine Story – Preacher & Kayla

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020! I’m often asked about some of the Reapers who have already had their story told. Preacher is one I hear about the most. So my gift to you this Valentine’s Day is a glimpse into the lives of Preacher and Kayla… I hope you enjoy this short story.

If you haven’t yet read Preacher (Dixie Reapers MC), then you should definitely read that first, otherwise parts of this short story won’t make much sense.

Thank you so much for reading my books!

~ Harley


Valentine’s Day – Preacher & Kayla
Dixie Reapers MC series


© 2020, Harley Wylde
All Rights Reserved.


I rolled over and found nothing but cold sheets. Cracking my eyes open, I blurrily looked around, but Preacher wasn’t in the bed or the bedroom. A glance at the clock showed it was nearly nine o’clock. My heart started pounding and I shot up out of bed. The kids! I hastily threw on a robe and rushed down the hall to check on the twins and our youngest, Lara. Both rooms were empty. Yes, even at nine years old, the twins shared a room. We’d tried to talk Leigha into sharing a room with Lara, but she wouldn’t go for it. Stubborn little cuss, just like her daddy.

Heading toward the kitchen, I smelled coffee and breakfast. My stomach rumbled and I moved a little quicker. My breath stalled in my lungs when I saw my sexy as hell man leaning against the counter, bare chested in low-slung jeans, sipping a cup of coffee. Even all these years later, he still made my heart race.

“Morning, beautiful,” he murmured, pushing off the counter and coming toward me. He kissed me softly and gave me a hug. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Wait. It was Valentine’s day already? I thought that was tomorrow! Panic set in because I hadn’t finished getting anything ready for the kids, or for Preacher for that matter. The idiot only grinned at me when he noticed the look on my face.

“Easy, baby girl. I sent the kids to school with their valentine treats for their classes. Leigha helped me finish getting them ready this morning.”

Well, that was a relief. It still didn’t solve the issue of Preacher’s gift, which I hadn’t picked up yet. I’d planned to do it today, thinking that it was the thirteenth and not the fourteenth. How could I have screwed that up so badly?

“Sit and eat,” he said. “I have a surprise for you.”

Great. He had something for me and his was still at the shop. It made me feel even worse. I sat down and he slid a plate in front of me. He’d even cut the toast out into heart shapes then smothered it with jam. He really was the sweetest man.

“Nick, about your Valentine gift…”

He shushed me and stepped out of the room. When he returned, he was carrying a large vase of beautiful roses – red, pink, and white. They were stunning and smelled divine. He also set down a card, and two packages wrapped in red paper. Now I felt even lower. He’d done all this for me, even let me sleep while he handled the kids, and I didn’t have a damn thing to give him. I hadn’t even picked up a card yet, and now that it was the day, I doubted any good ones were left.

I finished eating and kept eyeing the presents. When I was finished, he took my plate away and slid the large box in front of me. I opened it, not knowing what to expect. There was a leather-bound book inside, which I carefully lifted out. Opening the cover, tears misted my eyes and I bit my lip so I wouldn’t cry.

“Nick, what did you do?” I asked softly.

He hunkered down next to my chair. “It’s our story. I hit up all my brothers and their women, seeing who had pictures of you. Someone just happened to catch a shot of us sitting at the bar in the clubhouse the night we met. So, I had them text a copy to me. I did the same thing for most of the images in the book, then I put them all on a flash drive and went to that little print shop over on Main Street. The owner helped me design the layout and he put it all together.”

I flipped page after page and realized the man had gifted me with the perfect thing. A memory book that told our story from the very beginning. There were pictures of us at club parties, some from when the kids were born, others of us just walking through the compound hand in hand. It was the most precious thing he’d ever given me, other than himself and our children.

“I love it.” I reached out to stroke his beard with my fingers. “And I love you, so very much.”

“Open the next one,” he said, taking the book from me and setting it aside. I couldn’t imagine what could possibly top the book.

I opened the smaller box and stared, not quite comprehending. “Tickets?”

He nodded. “Mara and Rocky offered to keep the kids while I take you on a trip. They’ll make sure they get off to school and keep them over the weekend too. We’re going to have four days down in the Florida Keys, just you and me.”

“Oh, Nick.” I ran my finger over the tickets in the box. “It’s perfect.”

I set the box aside and reached for the card. My emotions were all over the place, and I knew part of the reason even though I hadn’t said anything just yet. I opened the card and I couldn’t help but cry as I read the precious words he’d written inside. No ordinary card for him, nope. He’d bought one that was blank inside, so he could write his own message to me.

You’re more beautiful today than yesterday. I remember the night we met, how you captivated me, even when I thought I was too broken to ever love again. You’re my reason for living, why I get up every morning, and you’ve brought me so much joy in the last ten years. I will love you until my dying breath, and even in the beyond.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.


How could I not cry after reading that? I wrapped my arms around him, and he held me close. I sniffled, knowing that my Valentine present would just have to be a keepsake after this because I had to tell him.

“I had a special gift being made, but I forgot to pick it up,” I admitted. “So, I’m just going to tell you. Those kids you love so much?” He pulled back and stared into my eyes. “You’re about to have another one in roughly seven months. I’m pregnant.”

His gaze dropped to my belly and he pressed his hand there. I covered his with my own and wondered what he thought of the news. I’d had my tubes tied after Lara, and Preacher had even gotten snipped. Except, it seems neither procedure had been foolproof because we had a baby on the way. At least, I hoped it was only one. I didn’t think we’d survive another set of twins.

“Are you going to say something?” I asked.

“It seems that God is still meddling in my life,” he said. “I’d turned my back on my church, on God, on my faith. Then I found you, and while I never want to preach another sermon ever again, I wasn’t quite so angry at God anymore. I thought our twins were a gift. A beautiful and terrifying gift. Then Lara came along, and we both got fixed because I could see the strain it put on you to raise the three of them. But I have to admit, I wanted more kids.”

I cupped his cheek. “Why didn’t you tell me? I’d have filled the house with children if that’s what you wanted. It’s not like I care for them all by myself. You help, the other Reapers and their women help. We’re not in this alone.”

“Let’s get through this one, and maybe we’ll just see what happens after. If you end up pregnant again, then it was meant to be, right?”

I nodded and kissed him. “You know. We’re alone. No kids, not for hours. Whatever should we do?”

He grinned and stood, lifting me into his arms. Without another word, he carried me to our bedroom and kicked the door shut. The night I’d walked into the Dixie Reapers clubhouse and found Preacher was the best night of my life. I fell more in love with him every day, and I couldn’t wait to grow old with him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Nick,” I said as I stripped off my robe and nightgown.

He reached out to cup my breasts, rubbing his thumbs across my nipples. I moaned and leaned into his touch. They were already super sensitive, and I knew it would only get worse as my pregnancy progressed.

“This right here is all the present I ever needed,” he said. “My wife, naked, and already wet and ready.”

“You haven’t even checked to see if I’m wet,” I teased.

He kissed me, hard and deep. “Baby girl, I already know you are because all I ever have to do is touch you, kiss you, even just hold you close, and you get slick.”

He wasn’t wrong. It had been like that from the beginning, and I hoped it would always be that way. I helped him remove his jeans and underwear. Even though we had most of the day to ourselves, I knew this first time would be hard and fast. It had been days since we’d been intimate because the kids wore us the hell out.

I lay back across the mattress and he followed me down, covering my body with his. His lips found mine, his tongue thrusting between them, as he gave me a toe-curling kiss. I felt his cock brush my inner thigh and I shifted, spreading my legs more. With one thrust, he buried himself inside me. I gripped his shoulders, my nails biting into his skin.

Preacher drew back so he could gaze into my eyes as he claimed me. And it was a claiming. He growled as our bodies slapped together, his cock driving inside me so deep that I knew I wouldn’t last. When he shifted the angle and hit just the right spot, I saw stars I came so hard.

“Nick!” I clutched at him, never wanting him to stop.

“That’s it, baby girl. Come for me.” He was relentless as he took me, fucking me so hard I worried we’d break the bed. Again. When I heard a crack, I couldn’t stop my laughter. I felt the warmth of his release, but he was grinning as he stared at the headboard. “Guess we need another one.”

“Nick, you’ve broken seven beds in the last ten years. At this point, I think we should just put a mattress on the floor.”

He chuckled and rolled to his side, taking me with him so that we were still joined. “Now what would be the fun in that? Besides, I love the scandalized look on the woman’s face whenever I go to the store and order another one.”

“It’s not scandal, it’s lust. I bet she’s never had a man break a bed while fucking her, and she’s jealous.”

He held me tight. “Well, she’ll have to find someone else for the job. I’m taken.”

“Love you, Nick.” I tugged on his beard. “Even if you are costing us a small fortune in beds.”

He snorted. “Like you’re complaining. The wet spot behind you tells me you loved every second of what we just did. And I seriously hope you were counting the seconds because I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever come.”

I burst out laughing. I loved that about him, and so much more. With Preacher, I’d found what had been missing in my life. He made me whole, made me feel cherished, and I knew that I’d be crazy about him until my dying day.


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