If you like to receive ARCs in exchange for an honest review, there are a small number of my books available with each release. Changeling Press handles ARCs for their titles, and all ARCs are distributed through BookSprout. It’s easy to sign-up, and if you follow Changeling at BookSprout, then you should receive a notification when they upload new ARCs for all of their books. There are several MC series that released with them this year, with more MC books coming your way soon (not only mine, but some from other authors too).

Follow ‘Changeling Press Authors’ at BookSprout


While it is very seldom that I will self-publish a book, if I decide to do so, I also have a BookSprout page for any self-published Harley Wylde and Jessica Coulter Smith titles. If you follow the two links below, it will only notify you of self-published ARCs (which means no Dixie Reapers, no Hades Abyss, etc). At this time, I only have one self-published Harley Wylde title — Can’t Get Enough, which is a rockstar romance.


Harley at BookSprout

Jessica at BookSprout