Devil’s Boneyard MC

For those of you who have read my Dixie Reapers MC series, you’re already a little familiar with the Devil’s Boneyard crew. Or at least some of them. More will be introduced in Dixie Reapers #4 (Bull’s story).

The Devil’s Boneyard MC series will kickoff in June 2018 with Changeling Press.

This doesn’t mean Dixie Reapers are coming to an end, not by any means. I will be alternating between the series for releases from June through December. As of April 2018, I have permission from Changeling Press to release at least 7 Dixie Reapers books (four of which have already been written, and three are currently available for purchase) and 4 Devil’s Boneyard books. That doesn’t mean there won’t be more for each series, that’s just what will be tentatively scheduled through December 2018.

I already have some of the crew in place in my head (and in Bull’s story), but let me introduce you to the officers of the Devil’s Boneyard.

Devil’s Boneyard MC

Cinder – President
Scratch – VP
Havoc – Sergeant at Arms
Phantom – Treasurer
Badger – Secretary
Renegade – Road Captain


Check back around the first part of June for more information about book 1 in this new series!