Devil’s Boneyard MC

For those of you who have read my Dixie Reapers MC series, you’re already a little familiar with the Devil’s Boneyard crew. Or at least some of them. More were introduced in Dixie Reapers #4 (Bull’s story), which released May 18th at Amazon, BN, iTunes, and Kobo.

The Devil’s Boneyard MC series will kickoff in September 2018 with Changeling Press. (or that’s the plan – but as I’m about to explain, my plans don’t always go the way I expect they will)

It was originally supposed to start in June, but my computer died and I couldn’t write for about two weeks, so I’m behind schedule. Then I slammed my wrist into the porch post and couldn’t use my hand for a day or two, so that didn’t help either. We won’t discuss the monster bruise and scratches from my bicep down below my elbow from running into the back of my husband’s SUV that left me hurting for several days (in my defense, it was midnight and pitch black outside). So glad my mother didn’t name me Grace because I am far from graceful LOL.

I already have some of the crew for Devil’s Boneyard in place in my head (and in Bull’s story), but let me introduce you to the officers of the Devil’s Boneyard.

Devil’s Boneyard MC

Cinder – President
Scratch – VP
Havoc – Sergeant at Arms
Phantom – Treasurer
Cobra – Secretary
Renegade – Road Captain


Book 1 in the Devil’s Boneyard series will be Jackal. If you’ve read Bull, then you know Jackal ran off with a certain troublemaker. And boy do they get into some trouble!