Devil’s Fury MC

You’ve met them before, first in Badger’s book, and then in cameos in other series. In fact, Dingo first appeared in Havoc (Devil’s Boneyard). You may remember him as Jordan’s brother, Jameson. Outlaw played a big role in Wire (Dixie Reapers). Now the men of Devil’s Fury are getting their own books! If you haven’t read Badger yet, you can find it here —> BADGER or if you want to catch a glimpse of Dingo before his debut, you can find Havoc’s story here —> HAVOC. Want to find out more about Outlaw before reading his story? You can check out Wire here –> WIRE.

Devil’s Fury MC Officers

Grizzly – President
Slash – VP
Demon – Sergeant-at-Arms
Hot Shot – Secretary
Savage – Treasurer
Scorpion – Road Captain