Fun Facts

I will likely change these up periodically, just to keep things interesting 🙂

Plotter or Pantser?

Definitely a pantser. I never know what’s going to happen until I start writing. I just tackle it one chapter at a time. When I first begin a book, other than a happily-ever-after, I have no idea how it’s going to end.

Silence or background noise?

I prefer to write with background noise, but not just any noise. It has to be a favorite movie or a playlist. For movies, I tend to pick stuff like Overboard (the old one), Heartbreakers, Sixteen Candles, or Where the Heart Is. I listen to a wide variety of music, from 70s and 80s music to current Top-40 songs.

Laptop or Desktop?

Laptop. I wouldn’t mind a desktop, but I like being able to take my computer with me. So if I did have a desktop, I’d still need a laptop too. I wouldn’t mind having a desktop with a really big monitor 🙂 I’m blind as a bat so a bigger screen would be awesome.

Favorite Workspace?

I like to go to Starbucks in the mornings and take my laptop with me. While I sip on a white mocha, I sit and work on marketing or writing. Then I come home and either sit at a folding table in the living room, or go to my office area. It just depends on which room is cooler since I’m very hot natured.

Favorite perfume?

Ombre Leather by Tom Ford. I can’t handle floral or super sweet scents.

Favorite movie franchise?

That’s a hard one. Either Harry Potter, Final Destination or Jurassic Park.


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