Hawk – Book 2

Cover Art by Bryan Keller
Published by Changeling Press

Hayley — Having both a father and brother who are in law enforcement, and overprotective, doesn’t make it easy to date. Which is why I was still a virgin at eighteen and had never had a serious boyfriend. If I’d realized chasing Cuddles through the biker compound would result in the hottest night of my life, I might have fixed my hair and dressed a little better. Not that Hawk seemed to mind. He made my knees weak and blew my mind. I just didn’t realize the night would end with a free gift with purchase — one that’s an eighteen-year-long commitment.

Hawk — Never thought I’d make it to the age of forty without ever finding someone special. But I did. Then I met Hayley. She’s the last woman I should fall for, but I can’t seem to help myself. Too bad I figured it out after she disappeared. If I’d known our one night had repercussions, I’d have tried harder to find her. Finding out I have a daughter is the best and scariest thing, but it means I get what I want most. A family.

WARNING: Hawk is part of the Reckless Kings MC series and contains scenes of graphic violence and adult relationships, a couple who just can’t seem to get it right, a troublesome raccoon, and some well-meaning meddlesome bikers who aren’t above causing a bit of mischief.


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I leaned against the back of the Dixie Reapers’ clubhouse, enjoying a cigarette and a little alone time. We’d been here two days with Beast and his woman. I understood the reason behind the trip to Alabama, but I was ready to get back home. Nothing against the Reapers, but the men with old ladies only wanted to do family-oriented shit and the single ones were all about the free pussy in the clubhouse. I’d have preferred the middle of the road. Or maybe I was getting old. The women in the clubhouse only wanted to sink their teeth into someone in hopes of getting claimed.

Nothing against the club whores, but they didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting claimed by me. I wanted a woman who looked like an angel on the outside, but clawed my back and screamed my name in the bedroom. Someone respectable to the outside world who only showed that devilish side in private. I was starting to think she was a damn unicorn and I’d never find her.

I inhaled another lungful of nicotine before letting it out. Beast had mostly given up smoking since he’d found out Lyssa was pregnant. Before that, he’d have been out here with me. I had no problem with his priorities changing, as long as he focused on the club when we needed him. But I sometimes felt like I’d lost my brother. He wasn’t down to party like he’d been before, even though he’d slowed down a bit even before Lyssa showed up.

I heard something rustling through the grass and a muttered “I’m going to kill you when I find you.” Definitely a woman’s voice. Since I doubted it was a club whore, it had to be one of the old ladies or some other family member of the Dixie Reapers. Which meant I needed to give her a wide berth.

A fat raccoon went waddling by me wearing a harness and dragging a leash. I stared at it, wondering if I’d had more to drink than I thought or if I’d gone crazy. Who the fuck leashed a raccoon?

A moment later a goddess stepped into the moonlight. Cut-off shorts clung to her like a second skin, and the tank she had on left little to the imagination. Her long, blonde hair fell in curls nearly to her waist.

“I swear to God, Cuddles, I’m going to turn you into a fur muff when I catch you.”

I nearly choked as I tried to hold back a laugh. Cuddles? She might be beautiful, but she was damn sure peculiar if she’d made a pet of that raccoon and named it something so ridiculous. Oddly, I found her intriguing, even if she was crazy as a bedbug.

I watched her stomp past me, mesmerized by the sway of her ass. The shorts barely covered her ass cheeks, and fuck if I wasn’t jealous of them for getting to cup the tempting globes. I reached down to adjust myself, my cock getting uncomfortably hard.

“Cuddles? Cuddles! Goddamnit! We’re not supposed to be in here to begin with. Are you trying to get me killed?” She huffed and stamped her foot.

“Need some help, beautiful?” I asked, pushing away from the wall and stepping out of the shadows.

She whirled to face me, hand at her throat, and her blue eyes wide. “Who are you?”

“Name’s Hawk. My club is here visiting the Dixie Reapers. I think the question is who are you?”

She folded her arms, like she was trying to hold herself together. Her lips pressed together, and she glanced away. It was clear she didn’t want to give me her name, which made me want to know even more.

“Guess I should go get Tank,” I said. “I’m sure he can spare a few men to help you find your pet.”

She jolted. “No! Wait, I… I’m not supposed to be inside the gates, but Cuddles took off and I needed to find him.”

Now we were getting somewhere.

“I’ll help you find Cuddles, on one condition.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Your name, for one.”

She licked her lips and shifted on her feet. “Hayley. Hayley Daniels.”

“That wasn’t so painful, was it? All right, Hayley. My second condition is that you spend some time with me while my club is here.”

She jolted and took a step back. “I can’t! I… you don’t understand.”

I moved closer until I could reach out and wrap a lock of her honey-colored hair around my fingers. “Can’t? Or won’t?”

“My family tolerates the Dixie Reapers, but my dad and brother will go through the roof if they find out I’m hanging around bikers. You said you’re only here visiting. Why bother spending time with me?”

“Because I find you fascinating.”

“When you say spend time… what exactly do you mean? Because if it’s sex, I don’t do one-night stands.”

“I don’t take what isn’t offered, beautiful. Just want to get to know you. Not asking for anything more.”

“All right. I need to catch Cuddles before he gets into trouble.”

I took her hand and led her farther into the darkness. I couldn’t believe I was going to spend the night chasing after a fucking raccoon. We finally found the beast, tail up in a trash can. It might have been funny, if Preacher didn’t have a gun trained on it.

“No!” Hayley screamed and took off.

Preacher swung his gun toward her before seeing me and lowering the weapon. “Christ, Hawk. All those women at the clubhouse and you had to go and find the most innocent girl in town? What the hell are you doing inside the compound, Hayley? Your dad and brother know you’re here?”

“Not exactly,” she said, reaching into the trash and pulling out her pet. She gripped the leash when she set Cuddles on the ground. The raccoon reached up and wrapped its front paws around her leg, brushing his head against her. “Cuddles ran off. He came in here and I had to catch him.”

Preacher ran a hand over his head. “Who the fuck is on the damn gate tonight?”

She danced from foot to foot again. “Spencer.”

Preacher rolled his eyes. “Of-fucking-course. Naturally he let you waltz right in without telling anyone.”

I glanced from Preacher to Hayley and back again. “What the fuck does that mean?”

“It means Spencer would do anything for Hayley. They were best friends until he started to prospect for us. Her brother had a shit fit and read Spencer the riot act, forbidding him to go anywhere near Hayley.”

“Your brother sounds like an asshole,” I said.

Hayley snickered. “You’re not wrong. He has a god complex.”

“Take Cuddles and get the fuck out of here, Hayley. We don’t need your dad and brother putting us under a microscope. We may be more legit these days, but old habits die hard.”

She gave a jerky nod, picked up her pet, and walked off. I watched her a moment before deciding to follow. I tried to tell myself we’d made a deal and she needed to uphold her end. I had to wonder if it was more. I hadn’t liked the idea of her and some punk ass wannabe being close. No, if she was going to have a biker between her thighs, it would be me.

I was starting to understand how Beast had fallen so hard and fast for his woman. Seeing Hayley tramp through the compound, chasing a raccoon of all things, something inside me had twisted into a pretzel. I didn’t like the feeling in my gut, or the way my heart beat a little faster in her presence.