Moonlight Haunting


One hot werewolf. One determined ghost. And a witch with a choice.

A werewolf and a ghost both threaten to be Cassie’s undoing. While one is all hot and spice, the other is cold and ice. The werewolf and the ghost couldn’t be more different if they tried. The one thing they shared was each stealing a piece of Cassie’s heart.

Her best friend Matt might be a ghost, but she never had to guess where she stood with him. When she meets the hunky werewolf Cole, he throws her world into a tailspin. With her thoughts consumed by Matt, she tries to remain open to her feelings for Cole, wanting desperately to have a normal life – as normal as a psychic witch can have.

Cole hasn’t told Cassie his dark secret: that he’s a werewolf. He hasn’t had a steady relationship in over a year, but with Cassie, things just seem to fall into place. He’s drawn to her unlike any other woman, and he wonders if she could be his destined mate. Will Cassie be able to handle the truth? Or, will the fact that he turns furry turn her off…

But with ghosts popping up here and there and a friend bent on causing trouble, can Cassie and Cole have a real shot at a relationship? Or will their budding romance be torn apart before it can really get started?

Cassie has a choice to make. Will she choose the hottest werewolf of all, or the ghost of her dreams?

Narrated by Holly Holt
Duration: 8 hours 7 minutes

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