Outlaw – Book 2


Cover Artist: Bryan Keller

Elena — I’d lost my parents as a kid, but a reverend and his wife took me in. They were good to me, even if there had never been many hugs. Then they started pushing me to marry a man I didn’t want, so I ran. I should have known the moment I walked through the clubhouse doors of the Devil’s Fury that my life would never be the same. I just didn’t count on a bad boy biker being the one to finally make me feel wanted.

Outlaw — The Devil’s Fury are my family, my brothers, but I’m not the same man I was years ago. I’m scarred and broken, or so I’d thought. The little Latina who came to the clubhouse then pulled out a damn book to read had my attention right away. When someone tries to hurt her, I know that I’ll keep her safe. In fact, I’ll just keep her. She’s awakened a part of me I’d thought I’d lost. Didn’t count on her bringing trouble with her, or nearly losing her, but she’s mine and I will fight for her to the very end.

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You met Outlaw previously – several times in fact. But you might remember him best from Wire (Dixie Reapers MC), when he sacrificed himself to save Lavender. I know a lot of you wondered what happened to him later. Now you get to find out 🙂 You’ll also get to meet some new characters in a place called Bryson Corners. If you’ve read the Bryson Corners series by Paige Warren, you’ve already met Carson. He makes an appearance in Outlaw! The Bryson Corners series is re-releasing as a box set with Changeling Press the same week as Outlaw!






Copyright ©2020 Harley Wylde

“Can you open your eyes, sweet girl?” the man asked.

I fought my eyelids and won the battle, opening them a little. Things were still not quite in focus but I tried to look up at the man holding me. I could see that his hair was a reddish brown, and he had a beard. Nothing else was clear enough at the moment. My eyes slid shut again and I groaned, my head starting to pound.

“Can you tell me your name?” he asked.

“Elena,” I whispered, or tried to. My tongue felt heavy and like it was tied into knots. Even to my ears it didn’t sound right. What was wrong with me?

“I’m Outlaw and you’re safe. No one will touch you or hurt you. Do you want the couch or my bed?” My breath caught and I must have tensed or something. I could almost feel his urgency to reassure me. “Alone. I meant you could have my bed all to yourself.”

I tried to answer, but everything started to feel heavier, like I was being weighed down and pulled under by thick sludge. My mind went blank, and then I was out. Only one thought hit me right before I sunk completely under. I hope he really is nice and won’t hurt me. Or maybe he’ll hurt me in a good way.