Rocket & Saint – Vol. 10


Cover Art by Bryan Keller


We didn’t know what to expect when a man loaded me and my sisters on his jet and brought us to the United States. We knew there’d be trouble. We didn’t expect to find safety. And love.

Saint (Dixie Reapers MC 12)

Sofia — Though Saint is as beautiful as an angel, there’s a hardness in his eyes that scares me — until I see him with his daughter. I’m no good for either of them, but that doesn’t stop me from craving his touch…

Saint — I’ve always followed orders, but this time I’m not so eager to help the club. Keeping Sofia under my roof, down the hall from my daughter, is the last thing I need. But I want her, can’t live without her. If the monsters from her past hurt Sofia or my sweet Delia, there will be hell to pay.

Rocket (Hades Abyss MC 2)

Violeta — It’s been a year since I was brought to the US and given to Rocket, the kindest, sweetest man I’ve ever met. I arrived an abused, pregnant teen. Falling in love with him was inevitable, but now I need him to see me as a desirable woman, not a girl who needs his protection.

Rocket — I’m too damn old for an eighteen-year-old woman, but I can’t shut off the protector inside me that wants to shelter her and keep her safe. When she’s taken, I know that the men responsible will die. I only hope that side of me doesn’t scare my sweet Vi, but nothing will stop me from spilling their blood. I just don’t know if we can end the war before it starts, or if this will only be the beginning.

WARNING: These stories deal with victims of human trafficking who have suffered past abuse. The scenes are not described in detail but are a part of their past and are mentioned. But the stories also have lots of steamy sex scenes, two bikers who will protect the women they love, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.


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