Wolf – Book 9


Unapproved/Unedited Book Description

Glory: Moving to Blackwood Falls, Georgia wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done. When I heard the Devil’s Fury were going to open an underground clinic to help women in need, I knew I wanted to be part of it. I thought I’d be helping other people. It never occurred to me I might be the one healed. Wolf is everything I ever dreamed of in a man, and so much more. I never thought I’d want to be touched again, but I crave the time we spend together. His kindness. His touch. His kiss. Every time I see him with my baby, Sienna, another chunk of the wall around my heart crumbles. Wolf is…perfect.

Wolf: She’s amazing. Beautiful. Compassionate. And her daughter is the most adorable baby I’ve ever seen. Knowing what Glory lived through, and how she came out stronger, is enough to earn my admiration. I have no idea what she’d want with a broken man like me. I’m sixteen years older than her, and I didn’t leave the military in one piece. But when she looks at me and I see the pink tinge on her cheeks and the sparkle in her eyes, I know I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine. I may not deserve this angel on earth, but I need her more than my next breath.

WARNING: Wolf is a Devil’s Fury MC romance that contains violence, adult situations, bad language, and scenes that may be difficult for some readers.  Guaranteed happily-ever-after, no cheating, and a little girl who will melt your heart.


Releasing April 23rd at Changeling Press or April 30th at online booksellers

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