Steel Riders MC


Ride hard. Live free.

Book 1 – Blaze has been a patched member of the Steel Riders for twenty years, and the Sergeant at Arms for nearly half that. Free booze and plenty of women to spare, but what’s a grizzly to do when the party is over? Find a mate! Sexy librarian Luna Sylvetro is going to wear his mark and warm his bed. But first he has to put the Desert Dogs MC in their place because everyone knows you never come between a grizzly and his mate.

Book 2 – Crash and Burn, tiger shifter twins, patched into the Steel Riders M.C. when they were twenty. It’s been a fun life filled with women and booze, and maybe the occasional joint, but all parties must come to an end eventually. When a woman betrays the club, and the trail leads to the Double Deuces, it’s time to exact some revenge. They just never counted on their mate being held captive by the rival club.

Book 3 – Babysitting duty. How could he possibly have been so unlucky? Spark is certain the fates are out to get him when the Pres gives him the news. But when the princess of the Silver Skulls comes waltzing through the door, all flirtatious smiles and a bit of sass, he realizes he’s in an entirely different kind of trouble.

*Publisher’s Note: This volume contains the previously published stories Blaze, Crash & Burn, and Spark. The content has not changed.


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Excerpt from Book 3 – Spark

“Your club must really like you,” she said. “My dad told them to assign their most trusted member to guard me. Not that I think I need guarding, mind you. What’s the worst that’s going to happen to me in a hotel room? I might break a nail. Hardly a matter of national security, but he worries.”

“You’re his only child?”

“Only girl. I have five older brothers. They’re every bit as protective as Daddy. You should have seen me in high school. They chased off every guy that paid attention to me, but I sneaked out behind their backs and dated someone for a while. My oldest brother was furious when he found out I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I told him that’s what he got for listening to private conversations.” She smiled. “I bet you never had to sneak out to see someone.”

“Uh, no. My dad was absent from our lives, and mom was more interested in the bottom of her latest bottle. I pretty much had free rein to do whatever I wanted, which is why I started prospecting when I was fifteen. I was patched in on my eighteenth birthday.”

“I’m guessing that wasn’t too long ago. You don’t look very old.”

“I’m old enough. You look barely out of high school.”

Her cheeks flushed. “I’m twenty,” she mumbled. “An adult.”

“You can’t even drink legally.”

Mina folded her arms over her abundant chest. “And just how old are you, Mr. Bigshot?”

“Twenty-four. And I’ve probably seen and done way more shit than you have.”

Mina huffed. “If you’ve gone somewhere by yourself before tonight, then your life has been more exciting than mine. Daddy treats me like I’m made of spun glass and he’s afraid I’m going to shatter at any moment. My brothers are just as bad if not worse.”

“So why are they leaving you behind?”

“It’s the full-moon run and I’m not mated.” Her cheeks warmed. “I’ll be in heat soon and Daddy didn’t want me running loose with a bunch of horny wolves.”

Spark slammed back against the booth. “Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. You’re going into heat? And they’ve left you with an unmated male?”

Her eyes widened. “Daddy was promised a mated male or female would watch over me. I mean, I know I flirted a little when we first met, but it wasn’t serious. I thought you were already taken.”

“This is all kinds of fucked up.”

He pulled his phone from his pocket and shot a message off to Blitz, waiting impatiently for a reply. When his phone chimed, it wasn’t with news he wanted to hear. Blaze, Crash, and Burn were not going to be able to babysit, and Blitz claimed to trust Spark completely. Asshole! I don’t trust myself!

“It looks like we’re stuck with each other, princess,” Spark said. “So if you want to call your daddy and pull the plug on this entire thing, now is the time to do it.”

She shook her head. “This is the first freedom I’ve ever had. I’m not going to squander it.”

“Suit yourself. But when this ends badly, just remember you were given an out.”

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