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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve anwered some of the most popular questions. If you can’t find your question below, feel free to contact me.

Will there be more Wicked Mayhem books?

Yes, but I don’t have them finished yet. Bothbooks 2 and 3 have been started. However, I’ve had to focus on other series that are under contract.

Do you have an ARC team?

Yes, I do. It’s currently full, but when I have an opening, I usually share the sign-up form in my fan group. Not a member o the Wyldlings? You can join here.

Is it possible to get swag?

Absolutely! I often give some away in my fan group, the Wyldlings, and in Rafflecopter giveaways. If you’d like to request some stickers, bookmarktes, and character cards, fill out the contact form.

Why aren’t your books in Kindle Unlimited?

About 99% of my books are contracted with a publisher. Since books in Kindle Unlimited must be exclusive to Amazon, my publisher does not use the program. However, you can borrow them through Scribd, Kobo Plus, or Overdrive.

Are you going to write any curvy women or non-white characters?

The short answer is… I already have. My heroes aren’t always white, and neither are my heroines. Please keep in mind multicultural/interracial covers more than white/African American pairings.

How can I get signed boks?

I attend two book signings each year, so you can get some there, or purchase them from the BooksCofeeHappiness shop. Check the Events page for my book signing schedule.

Why aren’t your books $0.99?

I’m afraid that’s my publisher’s decision, and not something I control. But it’s my understanding, it’s not cost effective due to production costs.

How can you release a book a month? Do you use a Ghostwriter?

No, I don’t use a Ghostwriter. When I’m working, I typically use the Freedom app, which shuts off all distracting apps and websites. Doing 20-30 minute sprints, I can easily write anywhere from 3,000 to 15,000 words in a day. It depends on how inspired I am.