Dixie Reapers MC Series

Have you been reading the Dixie Reapers since the beginning? By book 14, I know we have a ton of characters, a lot of kids, and a huge time lapse. Click the link below for a PDF that shows the marriages, kids, and timeline for the series.

DRMC Families & Timeline


Check out the Dixie Reapers crossover book- Ryker!

And learn more about Devil’s Fury MC in Badger!

There’s also Dixie Reapers items in Harley’s CafePress store!
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How are the Dixie Reapers handling quarantine? Let’s find out…


Dixie Reapers MC

Torch – President
Venom – VP
Tank – Sergeant at Arms
Flicker – Treasurer
Rocky – Secretary
Gears – Road Captain

Upcoming Books in the Dixie Reapers Series

in no particular order

 Savior   Coyote    Tempest    Gears

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