Dixie Reapers MC Series


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Dixie Reapers MC

Torch – President
Venom – VP
Tank – Sergeant at Arms
Flicker – Treasurer
Rocky – Secretary
Gears – Road Captain

Upcoming Books in the Dixie Reapers Series

in no particular order

 Savior   Coyote     Sarge      Tempest    Gears

Who wants to know more about Casper VanHorne?
Look for a short holiday novella featuring Casper and his mysterious wife in December 2019! — Naughty or Nice


If you’ve been reading the series from the beginning, below is a link to recap all the marriages and kids (from book 1 through book 12), as well as a link that shows the timeline between books 1 and 13. I’ll update the list every few books.

Dixie Reapers Marriages & Kids

Dixie Reapers Timeline books 1 to 13