Fun Facts

I will likely change these up periodically, just to keep things interesting 🙂

Does Harley have any pets?

Yes. Quite a few cats. I don’t claim the dog though, she belongs to my daughter. If you follow my page on FB, you might see the furbabies from time to time.

Does Harley write longhand or on the computer?

I used to do a combination of the two, but my Lupus and arthritis are so bad now that I can barely hold a pen. I’ve had arthritis since I was 32 and Lupus even longer than that, but it’s been particularly bad this past year.

How long has Harley been writing?

I started writing short stories back in elementary school, but I didn’t finish a book until I was in my mid-20’s. I’m in my late thirties now, in case you were wondering. I also had some poems published in my teen years in a few anthologies and won an editor’s choice award for one of the poems.

What’s the one thing Harley misses the most?

Being able to ride a horse. I’ve lived and breathed horses since I was three years old, even rode in shows when I was younger and had a bunch of trophies. Now, if I were to straddle a horse, I would have excruciating pain in my hips and my balance isn’t all that great anymore. So I’m afraid that chapter of my life is over, even if I do still love horses.

What’s Harley’s favorite TV show?

That’s a hard one. Out of shows currently running, I’d have to say Supernatural or maybe iZombie. If we’re talking about favorite of all time, then Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I actually don’t watch a lot of TV, but I do enjoy Santa Clarita Diet, iZombie, Midnight Texas, supernatural, and a few others. As you can tell, I lean toward the paranormal. I also liked watching Longmire until it ended.

Does Harley have a favorite author?

I have several. Laurann Dohner, Charlaine Harris, Lani Lynn Vale (although I just discovered her books in late February 2018), Amy Andrews, Avery Flynn, and quite a few others.

What’s Harley’s favorite drink?

I’m addicted to white mochas from Starbucks! I could easily drink two or three a day, if my budget would allow for it LOL and my wardrobe…I’d probably gain about 100 pounds if I did that. And since my doctor said I need to lose about 80lbs, that’s probably not the best idea. I also like a variety of sodas, all caffeinated, and sweet tea.

Favorite movie?

Not just one… I really, really love A LOT of movies, even though I don’t watch TV much. The live action Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera (because who doesn’t love Gerard Butler?), the new IT, The Conjuring 1 & 2, Shape of Water, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and many, many more. And yes, I adore horror movies (but not the gross ones like Saw or Hostel…I tend to lean more toward ghostly type horror movies or anything based off Stephen King books).

Favorite scent?

Mint, eucalyptus, and amber… When it comes to perfume, which I wear sparingly or I get a migraine (I’m super sensitive to smells), I lean toward warm or spicy scents like Black Opium and Juliette Has a Gun. Lately, I’ve been using the aromatherapy products at Bath & Body Works.

Want a sneak peek at Harley’s secret project? No release date set for this one yet, but it’s a work in progress. It’s a rockstar romance, and I think it will be about 20-30 pages longer than Torch when it’s finished. But that’s just me guessing. I won’t know for sure until I write the ending 🙂



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