I’ve been getting some questions over the last few months and thought I’d put the answers all in one place. If you have a question for me, you can message me at harleywylde@gmail.com. If I don’t respond right away, it sometimes takes me a few days to get through my messages, especially when I’m on a deadline. Promise I’m not ignoring you 🙂


Will there be more Dixie Reapers books?

Yes!! I have a few partials that I will hopefully wrap up sometime this year, but the series will continue to have releases through the end of 2018 and into 2019. Book 8 will release December 2018, and book 9 is partially written already.

Is Devil’s Boneyard still releasing?

Definitely! I know it took me a while to submit the first book in the series, but Jackal, book 1, actually released October 2018 and book 2, Scratch, will release in November.

Why aren’t the books in Kindle Unlimited?

I’m not a self-published author. The bulk of the titles in Kindle Unlimited are from authors who are not contracted with a publisher. While my publisher does put titles in Kindle Unlimited every now and then, it isn’t something they do frequently. In order for a book to be in Kindle Unlimited, it cannot be listed for sale anywhere else. Not on the publisher’s page and not on other sites like B&N, iTunes, etc. That’s not really fair to the readers who don’t like Amazon or don’t have a Kindle, so most publishers offer their books across multiple platforms.

Why aren’t the books $0.99?

There are a lot of reasons not to price a book at $0.99, mostly that it’s not cost effective considering how much goes into writing and producing a book. With my books, I have no say over the price because I’m published with a publisher. Pricing with a publisher is usually based off a scale and the authors have no say in the pricing on those titles. Self-published authors set their own prices and usually choose a fee they feel is fair based on the amount of time and money they put into their books. Editing alone can cost hundreds of dollars, depending on how long the book is.

Why don’t your MC books have the club logo on the cover?

I think that’s a Changeling Press thing. Each book has the series title on the cover, but I don’t believe any of the MC romances at Changeling have a club logo on them.

What is a multi-author series?

A multi-author series, like Roosters, is a set of books that have something in common to be considered a “series” but are written by different authors. In the case of Roosters, the commonality is that the heroes are alpha, arrogant men who think women (or men) fall at their feet. The Roosters books are all Contemporary Erotic Romance, but will have different pairings (MF, MM, MFM, etc). The books do not interconnect in any other way, so each can be read as a stand-alone. Some, like my Ryker, will tie into a series the author has already written. In Ryker’s case, it ties into the Dixie Reapers even though it isn’t an official Dixie Reapers book.

Do you have an ARC team? And how do I sign-up?

I do have a very small ARC team for my MC books. I’m not taking on new members right this moment, but stay tuned. If you follow me on Facebook, I’ll post there when I’m seeking new ARC reviewers. The copies are gifted via iTunes codes, and the reviews are to be left at iTunes and Goodreads.

Why are all of your books an older hero and a younger heroine?

I think I end up writing older heroes with younger women because I’ve always been attracted to older men. My husband is quite a bit older than me (I’m in my 30’s and he’s getting close to 50).  I’m not saying all of my characters will have a 15-20 year age gap, but they will likely always be 10+ years apart in age. There will be some cases when that doesn’t happen, like when Johnny (aka Saint) gets a book since he was so young in book 1 of the Dixie Reapers.

Are you going to write any curvy women? Or non-white characters?

I do have a few curvy heroines sprinkled in my series. There’s one in Badger (a Roosters book that will eventually kick off a new series called Devil’s Fury MC), and when Tank gets his story (which will be book 9 of the Dixie Reapers), there’s a curvy heroine in that one too.

As for non-white characters, that’s been a bit trickier. I do actually have some characters in my MC series who aren’t white, but finding stock photos on the site I’m permitted to select from hasn’t been easy. Not that they don’t have a diverse selection of models, but finding ones in poses that work or dressed appropriately for a biker hasn’t been all that easy. I always check the stock photo site before I start writing a book because I want to make sure they have an image that’s at least similar to my character. But stock photos are added all the time, so I keep checking to see what’s new. It’s getting harder and harder to find biker images of older men at all because I’ve either used them, or other authors with my publisher have used them. My publisher will never use the same model on a cover unless it’s a series that has the same character in each book.

However, in Tex, Kalani is Hawaiian and Tex is Hispanic. In Zipper, the heroine is Korean. Book 8 of Dixie Reapers, which will release in December, has a half-Japanese heroine. When Tank comes out, his love interest is Hispanic. For Devil’s Boneyard, the second book, Scratch, has a heroine who is mixed race (half-African American). So there are some characters popping up through both series, and there will be more to come.

Will you be attending any conventions like RWA or Lori Foster’s RAGT?

No, I’m afraid I will not be attending any conferences at this time. I have two children who are still school-age and I need to be here for them. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any conferences in the Memphis area, which would be close enough for me to attend. I also suffer from severe anxiety and have a fear of large crowds, so I would need my husband to attend with me. I joke and call him my safety blanket, but he really is. The only time I go somewhere alone is if I go someplace in my small town, and it took me two years of living here to be able to do that without having an anxiety attack. I’ve seriously considered getting an Emotional Support Animal.

How can you release a book or more a month? Do you use a Ghostwriter?

I do not use a Ghostwriter, I just write really fast. I can typically finish a book in about 10-14 days because I write anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 words in a single day. Writing is my full-time job, so I can write whenever the mood strikes me. I also type about 1,000 words every 15 minutes when I’m able to focus properly. So a word count that might take someone 1-3 days to accomplish, might take me 1-2 hours.