Fox – Book 7

Published by Changeling Press
Cover Art by Bryan Keller

Raven — I learned the hard way not to trust anyone. First the men who’d hurt me, and then my mother when she’d turned her back on me. I had no one. Was it any wonder I didn’t think I had a reason to keep living? A good Samaritan had other ideas, landing me in a psychiatric hospital. Too bad the guards were every bit as evil as those men I’d trusted.

I thought I’d die alone. Unwanted. Unloved. Forgotten. Until the Hades Abyss MC came to take me away. They claim my father sent them, except I’ve never met him. Don’t even know his name. I’d try to run, but what’s the point? Besides, there’s one man who makes me feel safe. Fox. It doesn’t matter that he’s older than me. When he holds me, I know nothing will ever hurt me again. I just didn’t count on losing my heart to him.

Fox — Breaker brought Hatchet’s daughter to the clubhouse, and the moment I looked into those vacant eyes, I knew she’d been badly broken. Some part of me wanted to fix her. Put the pieces back together. Watch her eyes light up and see her smile. She thinks she’s dirty, that no one will ever want her. She’s wrong. I want her. I even want the baby growing inside her.

Never thought I’d find the woman meant to be mine. Now that I’ve had Raven in my arms, chased away her nightmares, kissed her tears away, I know I can’t let her go. I’ll make her mine — the baby too — and I won’t let anyone stand in my way.

WARNING: Fox is part of the Hades Abyss MC series. Be warned there are adult situations and language, violence, darker themes that may trigger some readers like suicide and assault. Guaranteed Happily-Ever-After, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!

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“This book was so good. So much steam and emotion.” – Jessica @ Goodreads
“She’s done it AGAIN! I LOVE a great age gap read and Fox fits the bill perfectly… This is an absolutely incredible fast paced read. I couldn’t put this book down once I started.” – G @ Goodreads
“…phenomenal job author Harley Wylde, this is truly an amazing read” – Fabiola @ BookBub
“Absolutely gut wrenching. This story will haunt you for days to come. ” – nbenigno @ BookBub
“Every now and then there comes a story that will rip your heart out and piece it back together. This is that story.” – Drea @ BookBub



**WARNING – This Excerpt has dark content that may trigger some readers.**


All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2021 Harley Wylde


They won’t hurt you. Maybe if I told myself that enough times I’d believe it.

Breaker walked up to the bar and set me down on an empty stool. The man next to me turned and I froze. His hair was going a little gray. Same for his neatly trimmed beard. He looked me over before focusing on Breaker.

“You really think bringing her here was the best idea?” the man asked.

“Sorry, Fox. If I took her to my place, she might have flipped out. I thought being around other people might be better. Plus, I thought Spider might be here. I have no idea where she’s staying.”

Fox. The name suited him. The man oozed sex appeal. In his younger days, he’d probably had to beat the women off. For that matter, he could very well have to beat them off now. They all had strange names. Who called their kid Breaker? Or Spider?

“You thought taking her somewhere quiet, and away from all this, would freak her out? But taking a rape victim to a clubhouse where people are openly having sex shouldn’t be a problem?” Fox narrowed his eyes. “Were you dropped on your head?”

Breaker tensed. “No.”

Fox switched his gaze to me. “Sorry, Raven. You shouldn’t have to deal with all this.”

“Want me to take her to Church?” Breaker asked.

Fox nodded. “I’ll call Spider and gather the other officers. We’ll be there in a few minutes. I’ll send a Prospect with a bottle of water for her.”

Breaker lifted me into his arms again and carried me through the room and down a long hall. He shoved open two doors and cursed as we entered the dark room.

“Shit. I can’t find the light switch while I’m holding you. Can you feel along the wall for it?”

I slid my hand from the doorframe outward, then up and down, until I felt the plastic plate. I flipped the switch and blinked at the bright light. Breaker carried me to the long table and pulled out one of the chairs with his booted foot. He set me down then moved to lean against the wall within view.

“Only patched members are allowed in here,” Breaker said. “But I think it’s better to discuss your situation in here than out there. You okay with that?”

I nodded and folded my fingers together. So far, the men here hadn’t hurt me. If anything, the two I’d met seemed concerned about me. A knock sounded at the doors and Breaker cracked them open, reached out, and pulled a water bottle through the gap before closing it. He handed the drink to me, and I screwed off the top, taking a sip. He probably thought me rude for not saying thank you. It had been so long since I’d spoken, I wasn’t sure my voice even worked anymore. My last few months with the doctor had consisted of me nodding or shaking my head to answer questions. Anything more complex he’d had me write out, once he’d realized nothing would make me talk. Even when I wrote my answers, I didn’t tell him anything. What would have been the point?

The doors opened and Fox came in, with several other men in his wake. They took a seat, each eyeing me in curiosity, except Fox. I couldn’t read his expression. The man with Spider on his vest claimed the spot at the head of the table.

“Raven, welcome to the Hades Abyss,” Spider said. “I’m the President of this club, for now.”

Fox growled and shot a glare at the man. Spider cleared his throat and flipped off Fox before focusing on me again. I didn’t know what to make of their interaction. What did he mean by “for now” and why did it seem to upset Fox?

“Hatchet asked us to get you from Balmoral,” Spider said. “You’ll be safe here until he comes for you. I’m sure you’re confused and have questions.”

I stared at him. Yes, I had some questions. No, I wouldn’t be asking them. I glanced at Breaker, and found him watching me, his brow furrowed. He’d likely figured out by now I didn’t speak.

“Pres, there’s something you should know,” Breaker said. “They abused her at Balmoral. The guards raped her. Caught one of them in the act when I got there.”

I shifted on my chair and looked down at my lap. And now they all knew. I’d be labeled a whore. Dirty. Just like before. They wouldn’t want me here now. Or maybe they’d expect me to join the women in the other room. Breaker had said those women were here voluntarily, but what if he was wrong? What if the women felt they had to do those things?

I heard a roar and jerked my head up in time to see Fox standing and throwing his chair against the wall. I felt my eyes go wide as I watched him proceed to pound his fist into the wall. I saw his knuckles split open and a small sound escaped my throat as I lurched to my feet. He turned, his gaze landing on me. Before I could second-guess myself, I rushed to his side and took his hand in mine, checking on the damage he’d done to himself.

“Sorry, pretty girl.” His voice sounded scratchier than before. “Didn’t mean to scare you. It pisses me off those men abused their power and did that to you. I want to string them up, torture them, and kill them slowly for daring to touch you.”

I lifted my gaze to his and saw the sincerity there. He meant every word. First Breaker had defended me, and now Fox wanted to rip the guards apart? Their quick leap to violence should have scared me. If it had been aimed at me, it certainly would have. Knowing they wanted to hurt the men who’d touched me? It made all the difference. I hadn’t realized men like them existed. They may look rough, and like sex as much as other men, but I had to wonder if maybe deep down they were honest, decent men. They’d rescued me. Had they done the same for others?

“She hasn’t spoken,” Breaker said softly. “Not once. Not even when…”

I watched Fox and understanding lit his eyes.

“They told you to be quiet, didn’t they?” he asked.

I nodded.

“And if you talked, they’d hurt you.” He reached out and cupped my cheek. “You’re safe, Raven. Those men won’t hurt you ever again. You can scream, cuss. Do whatever you want. You don’t have to stay silent anymore.”