Phantom – Book 10

Published by Changeling Press
Cover Artist: Bryan Keller


Charisma — My mother died when I was a teen. My dad had never been in the picture, and I ended up in the system. When the high school quarterback took advantage, no one believed me. Then I landed in true hell… my foster mom was a monster who preyed on the children in her home. When I aged out of the system, I stayed in the hopes I could save the boys who were assigned to live with her. She let me, as long as I paid in blood. The never-ending cycle of abuse sickened me and wore me down. I felt powerless. Until he showed up. Phantom…

Phantom — My mission was simple. Find the woman preying on young boys and end her. I didn’t count on the bewitching young woman, little girl, and two boys living with the monster. Now they’re mine. My family. When their demons come searching for them, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Even call in reinforcements from other clubs. Someone should have warned me I needed to protect myself as well. I never counted on Charisma’s dad showing up, nor could I have ever guessed who he was. Things just got complicated.

WARNING: Phantom contains darker subjects that may trigger some readers as well as bad language, violence, and adult situations. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed Happily-Ever-After.

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What are ARC readers saying?
“Harley Wylde continues to blow me away with her ability to show us beauty and strength comes in all shapes and sizes, which is why she’s one of my absolute favorite authors.” — Shelby, Goodreads


“Harley Wylde Writes books that brings light to the atrocities that go on all over the world and makes you think! I highly recommend this book and all her others!”
— Julie, Goodreads


“Exquisitely captivating and heartbreakingly beautiful journey to go on with Charisma and Phantom. My heartstrings were definitely pulled and in so many directions. This story absolutely blew me away and left me breathless.” — Andrea, Goodreads



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Copyright ©2021 Harley Wylde


A Lexus pulled into her driveway and I saw the bitch get out of the car. Two boys slid out then a slim form with subtle curves. Charisma. She lifted her face to the sun and my heart stuttered in my chest. Christ! I swallowed my food and nearly choked on the large bite. Shade had mentioned she’d been with Heather for a decade, which made her around twenty-seven now. Roughly half my age, but fuck if she wasn’t stunning. She reached into the car and helped out a little girl I knew had to be her daughter, Nova.

And that’s the moment I knew I’d do whatever it took to keep those four safe. Charisma, Nova, and the two boys would never be hurt again. The way she cradled her daughter against her side, the protective stance she took between Heather and those boys, told me one thing — the girl wasn’t hurting anyone. Unless it was Heather. She had murder in her eyes when she stared at the woman. Crazy bitch only smirked back at her.

I texted Shade.

Change of plans. I’m bringing them all home with me.

Those boys reminded me of Samurai when he’d been a teen. Small and wiry. And they were both at least half-Asian. It seemed Heather had a type.

I watched them go into the house with the She-Devil and shut the door. After I finished my food, I pulled out of the parking lot and moved over to her home, stopping my Jeep right behind her fancy car. Reaching into the backseat, I picked up my cut, as well as the brass knuckles I’d hidden underneath it. I slid the weapon into my pocket and got out of the vehicle. Pulling on my cut, I shut the door, locked the car, and went up to ring the bell.

Charisma opened the door, her eyes going wide when she saw me. She skimmed over my cut, her gaze locking on the patches denoting my club, name, and rank. She finished her perusal before lifting her gaze to mine again. I caught movement in my peripheral. Judging the size and shape, it was her daughter.

I pulled my keys from my pocket and tipped my head toward the driveway. “Take your daughter and get in the Jeep. Lock the doors and wait for me.”

Her eyebrows went up. She stared, not moving and not speaking. She reached up to tuck her hair behind her eat and I growled at what I saw. Someone had damaged her with what looked like acid. I moved slow, not wanting to startle her, and checked the other side. Son of a bitch. Whoever had hurt her, had harmed both ears. Which meant… I mouthed the words slowly. “Can you hear me?”

Her eyes widened and she shook her head.

“What else did that bitch do to you?” I asked, mouthing the words slowly again.

Her cheeks flushed and she dropped her gaze. Shame. Whatever had been done to her, she was ashamed to tell me. I had a feeling I understood why she was still here with Heather. The woman used the boys against her, and probably used her against them. If she’d touched Nova, I’d make her suffer longer.

I tipped her chin up. “Take my keys. Get your daughter and wait in the Jeep. Lock the doors. Do you understand?”

She nodded and reached behind her. I saw Nova’s small fingers wrap around hers and Charisma took my keys. She hesitated, her gaze searching mine.

“I’ll get the boys out too.”