Slash – Book 7

Cover Art by Bryan Keller


Shella – The Devil’s Fury are the only family I’ve ever truly had. My mom was a junkie. When she died, no one wanted me. Except Grizzly. I had a home, until things went horribly wrong. I went wild, pushed too many boundaries, and overstayed my welcome. So I ran and didn’t look back. Trouble always seems to find me, so it’s no surprise I ended up pregnant, alone, and scared out of my mind. Then Slash shows up. Out of all the Devil’s Fury brothers to come for me, why did it have to be the one I’ve been crushing on since I was a teenager?

Slash – Little Shella was always a pretty girl. Spoiled. Outspoken. A complete terror. Now that she’s all grown up, she’s stunning. I needed to keep my hands to myself, and maybe I would have if she hadn’t been adamant not to disclose the name of her baby-daddy. Only way to protect her is to give her my name. Doesn’t matter I’m old enough to be her father. When I find out her secrets, and the reason she’d behaved so badly, I know I’ll do whatever it takes to make her feel safe… even if it means burying a few men. I already have blood on my hands. What’s a little more?

WARNING: Slash’s book contains graphic violence and sex, bad language, and scenes that may be difficult for some readers.

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The Hades Abyss had somewhat politely asked me to stop doing the webcam show and hinted that I should go home. All right. They hadn’t been polite about it at all. In fact, they’d seemed a bit concerned what would happen if my dad found out what I’d been doing. That was two months ago and now I found myself in another town, no closer to returning to the Devil’s Fury. How the hell could I?

They’d hated me. Maybe not everyone, but quite a few had made it clear they weren’t too impressed with me. I admitted I’d acted like a brat. Even my dad had asked me to leave for a bit. I’d left. I just hadn’t gone back. I couldn’t. Wouldn’t. Especially after the last few mornings when I’d bolted out of bed and hung my head over the toilet.

Stupid. You’re so fucking stupid. I’d let Owen and Riley fuck me for the webcam show and hadn’t thought to make sure they were going to wear condoms. Owen had asked if I was clean one second and had been balls deep in my pussy the next. Since it was a live show, I couldn’t exactly put up a fuss. Well, I could have but I’d have probably lost customers, and I’d needed that money to start over. Again.

I’d gone to college but hadn’t finished my degree. Looking back, I wished I’d asked Dad to at least pay for me to finish online. I’d have been better off in the long run. Now I’d have even more responsibilities and going back to school would be twice as hard.

Music pulsed through the club where I worked, and the smell of sex filled the air. I wasn’t taking any extra jobs, but some of the girls did. I didn’t think badly of them or anything, but the men who came here were on the sleazy side and I really didn’t want their dicks anywhere near me. Good thing too after what I’d just discovered.

Someone banged on the bathroom door and I winced as I stared at the stick on the sink. Two lines. Pregnant. Fuck my life. Owen was just a Prospect so I knew there was no way I could go crawling to him and say I was carrying his kid. He seemed nice enough, but he was still earning his spot with the Hades Abyss. If Titan was pissed to find out I’d been one of the webcam girls, I could only imagine what he’d do if he knew one of his Prospects had knocked me up.

Yeah. I wasn’t going back there. Owen was better off not knowing.

But it meant I couldn’t go home either. My daddy would have a fit when he found out. Not to mention, things were still a bit uncomfortable between me and Lilian. She’d forgiven me for the part I played in the fucked-up shit she went through with Dragon. I just hadn’t forgiven myself yet. I’d been naïve. I wasn’t exactly worldly now for that matter. I wasn’t too sure Dragon had forgiven me either.

“If your ass isn’t on the stage in five, you’re fired,” my boss yelled through the door.

Shit. I’d have to tell him. Even if I danced another month or two, eventually I’d start to show, and I wouldn’t be able to strip anymore. Better get in at least one more show before I came clean. If he gave me the boot, I wanted tonight’s tips to get me through another week or so. I’d been saving so I wasn’t flat broke, but I wasn’t rolling in cash either. As long as I found a job before rent was due, I’d be okay. Maybe.

I washed my hands, tossed the stick in the trash, and went out with a smile on my face. “Sorry, Ben. Just needed a minute.”

He scowled at me as I hurried off. I went backstage and double-checked my appearance before slipping on my outfit. My music started and I rushed to the stage. On the next beat, I started strutting across the floor toward the pole. I dipped, twirled, and ran my hands down my body in time with the music. Reaching for the brass pole, I spun around it twice before leaping up and wrapping my legs around it. The men catcalled and cheered as I did my thing, slowly losing a piece of clothing at a time until I was down to my G-string.

I dropped to my knees at the edge of the stage, thighs spread, breasts thrust up and head tipped back. I arched and ran my hand down my torso. I felt the vibration and heard the thud at the same time. Jolting, I looked up and found a pair of denim-clad legs inches from my face. As my gaze lifted, I saw the bottom of a leather cut, a gray tee tucked into the jeans, but when I got to the patches everything in me went still. Fuck.

I jerked my gaze to his face and sucked in a breath. “Slash?”

It looked like him but it didn’t. What had he done to his hair? It wasn’t blue, purple, green, or any other wild color. The mohawk was gone too. He looked… normal. Or as normal as a biker could. He glowered down at me and I knew I was in big fucking trouble.

“Get the fuck up. Now,” he said, his voice a low growl.

I got to my feet, my cheeks burning at the thought of him seeing me like this. How long had he been here? Why was he here?

The club’s hired muscle rushed to the stage, but one look from Slash had both men stopping in their tracks. Couldn’t blame them. The bouncers might be burly but they also didn’t have a death wish. I had no doubt Slash could take them out with little effort, and it was clear they knew it.

“No one’s allowed on stage,” said Marcus, the younger of the two.

“I won’t be on stage, just as soon as little Miss Sunshine here gets her ass backstage and covered up,” Slash said. He leaned closer to me and dropped his voice. “Or I’ll be spanking that ass.”

I gave a yelp and rushed off the stage, knowing damn well he’d do it, and probably out there in front of everyone too. Of course, I might get more tips that way. Did I want to chance it? Nope. I raced to the dressing room with Slash right on my heels. He didn’t seem to care about the naked women. Hell, I didn’t think he even noticed them. He was laser-focused on me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Came for you,” he said.

“Me? How did you even know where I was?”

“Took some time. Been trying to track you down for two months.”

My stomach dropped. “Why? Is… Is something wrong with Dad? Lilian?”

“They’re fine, which you’d know if you bothered to call them. Ever.” He folded his arms. “First you have sex with men on a live show for money and now you’re in this dump stripping? What the fuck, Shella?”

My stomach burned and my cheeks heated. I balled up my fists and fought hard not to take a swing at him. “What I do is none of your business, Slash. None! You don’t fucking own me.”

“Want to bet?”